Professional Hair Straightener Curler

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Plug standard


Different versions of the application scenario

1】Standard Version Household items, high cost performance and practicality. 2】PRO (Professional) Version From the excellent industrial design of France, it is powerful and beautiful. 3】PER (Personalized) Version The products are smarter and easier to operate, and are suitable for people who are pursuing quality of life and taste. Note: Our product packaging will be upgraded from time to time, we do not make additional notice, please know.

Due to the needs of international transportation, the price of the product is different from that of the PRODUCT without the box. It is much cheaper without a box.

Plug Stnadrds

1). AU Plug; 2). US Plug; 3). UK Plug; 4). EU Plug; Note: 1)The shape and color of the plug will vary from batch to batch. 2) Our plugs are suitable for voltage environments from 100V to 240V. However, only the maximum voltage or the minimum voltage is identified on the identification of the plug.

According to the size of the human body's physiological design, it is slightly larger than the general hair straightener, and it is more comfortable and simple to operate.

Manual measurement, there are some dimensional errors.

ITEM 1: Product Features of LCD Personalized Version

Product Size: 31CM*3.5CM Power: 45W Rated voltage: 220~240V Heating plate Size: 90X25MM Temperature Control: 100~230℃ (210~450℉) Heating plate Material: ceramic glaze coating Heating method: PTV Curve Heating Power Cord: 1.8M

1 hour automatic shutdown function, intelligent control, more convenient and safer.

Intelligent temperature control, find your own hair styling temperature, hair styling is more personalized.

1). 100~130°C suitable for damaged hair; 2).140~160°C suitable for soft hair; 3). 170~190°C suitable for normal delivery; 4). 200~230°C suitable for rough hair;

Product Detail Presentation

The exclusive storage lock, one-button storage product, is more convenient to carry.

ITEM 2: Product Features of Professional Version (Infrared heating technology)

Product Size: 31CM*3.5CM Power: 45W Rated voltage: 100~240V Heating plate Size: 100X25MM Temperature Control: 120~200℃ (250~400℉) Heating plate Material: ceramic glaze coating Heating method: PTV Curve Heating Power Cord: 1.8M

Why do we design negative ion generators?

A typical hair straightener is applied to the hair by heat blowing, which tends to cause static electricity in the hair, and also causes the hair to be deformed or bent and tilted, which seems to be messy. The negative ion hair straightener solves this problem well. The negative ion generator can release a thousand million negative ions, quickly repair damaged hair, activate air oxygen atoms, neutralize the static electricity of the hair, and keep the hair longer.

One button start, intelligent temperature adjustment

200 degree precision temperature adjustment mode, suitable for a variety of hair, one styling.

APTC double heating -10 seconds rapid heating

Using high-quality APTC heating technology, 10 seconds of rapid heating, the styling does not need to wait

10 years of professional design is closer to real life

1. Front-end anti-scalding design Insulation shell to avoid direct contact with the high temperature molding area; 2. 3D floating clamp, it is easier to clamp the hair, and the shape is more convenient;

You can't be a professional stylist because you lack a styling artifact

Real product shoot of Professional Version

Item 3: Standard Version Introduction

Product Size: 31CM*3.5CM Power: 30W Rated voltage: 100~240V Heating plate Size: 100X25MM Temperature Control: 160~220℃ (320~430℉) Heating plate Material: ceramic glaze coating Heating method: PTV Curve Heating Power Cord: 1.8M

Well-known German designers design to create a straight hair dual-use professional hair straightener

Intelligent temperature control

Prevents excessive temperature from causing irreversible damage to hair 1, 15 seconds rapid fever; 2. Intelligent constant temperature system;

Ceramic glaze coating, true black technology

Locks hair moisture and wakes hair activity 1. Negative ion lacquer layer; 2. Calcined nano aluminum; 3, high density alloy

Four-speed control, LED display

Choose different modeling temperatures according to personal needs and hair quality 1, 160℃ for soft hair; 2, 180℃ for general hair quality; 3, 200℃ for thick and thick hairpins; 4, 220℃ suitable for professional hair styling;

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