Men's Electric Heated Rechargeable Vest

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1、Warm Tip: No power supply (you need to bring your own 5V/2A mobile power bank).
2、Convenient to Use: After the power is removed, the clothes can be washed, machine washed. No electricity leaking.
3、Practical for Use: It helps promote blood circulation and relieve muscle pain. The best gift for parents and family on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
4、Applicable Sports: camping, skateboarding, self-driving, rock climbing, cycling, travel, diving, daily warm wear, etc.
5、Features: Infrared heating, no harmful radiation, stable performance, safe and reliable, environmentally friendly and energy saving, soft and comfortable.

Intelligent heating clothes, USB heating, three-speed temperature control.
External waterproof and anti-fouling fabric, warm and comfortable, breathable.
The whole body can be washed (not wrung out), it is recommended to wash by hand, not dry cleaning, can be dried, not wringed or dried.


Material: polyester fiber (polyester) + cotton + graphene heating sheet
Size: see size chart

Instructions for use:
  • Open the pocket and connect the USB port to the mobile power supply (5V/2A is recommended).
  • Press and hold the switch for 3 seconds, the switch will display red, start the heating system.
  • Press the switch again, the indicator light changes color, and the temperature position is switched.
  • Red high temperature level (45-55 degrees Celsius)
White medium temperature level (35-45 degrees Celsius)
Blue low temperature level (25-35 degrees Celsius)
  • Press and hold the power switch for 3 seconds to turn off the heating system.
  • Be sure to remove the power bank when washing, can be washed, not dry-cleaned, can be dried, not wringed or dried.
If the clothing indicator flashes or turns off automatically, please check if the charging power is sufficient and connect the charging 2A interface.

Packing List:
1*heated vest


5V mobile power supply (need to bring your own)


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