Underwater Diving scooter

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 Underwater Diving scooter

 "it gave me about 2 hours and 15 minutes of continuous usage at a great speed, loved the item and will definitely buy it again or recommend it to anyone" Brian M 

Underwater Diving scooter

A few days ago my wife and I went to the beach in Honolulu Hawaii. And that was an amazing experience in itself.

But more interesting was the fact that we were the only ones on the entire beach who seemed to be having loads of fun, scuba diving the beautiful reefs a few yards from the famous Honolulu coastline, catching all the magnificent underwater sights. 

It was breath-taking to say the least. It made us feel above the world as we could get folks to stop and stare at us in amazement. 

We were able to dive safely in area that would have otherwise been a bit of a challenge. 

I felt very safe knowing that if either one of us became ill, that it would be super easy to rise to the surface and seek help. 

We haven't had that much fun in years. 

- - - -Without battery 

Please Note a word of caution!!! 

You must keep an eye on your re-breather because you will be having so much fun, you might forget to check you oxygen levels. 


 Underwater Water Sea Scooter

Yellow Dual-Speed Propeller, Sea Diving Scooter, Water Sports Equipment 


  • Max Depth: 30M ( 100ft )
  • Run Time: about 1 hour
  • Storage Temperature Range: -20℃ to 40℃ ( -4℉ to 104℉ )
  • Package Dimension: 62 x 38 x 32cm
  • Gross Weight: 11Kg / 24.25Lbs

Suitable age :Adult
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Attention: the battery is not include due to shipping code regulations but you can buy a battery at your local market.(We attach charger for you)

The battery weight is 3.7kg. The voltage and current are 24v6ah. Lead-acid batteries, if you buy a lithium battery, the charger needs to be worn separately and cannot be used universally.

The size of the battery cannot be larger than the battery compartment, the space is 15*10*9.5cm, it will result in the cover not closing properly.

You must cover the small hole.

Please open it when not in use.

Battery fit for this scooter:
Battery type:lead battery Battery size: 15*10*9.5cm Voltage:24V Capacity:6AH Discharge rate:20HR


1.when connect with battery,please make sure "+" "-" is right,or the mainboard may malfunction. 
2.we do not suggest using 2x12v battery, which may cause damage to mainboard. 

Please Pay attention to a few more details: the battery and the machine's connector cannot be reversed. When the battery is not in use, it must be taken out because the inside is sealed, especially when the weather is hot.

After the battery is connected before launching, the small sealing cover must be tightened to prevent leakage of water into the controller, battery and main unit.

A customer's improper operation will cause product quality problems.  




Underwater Sea Scooter with Dual-Speed Propeller.

 This Scooter is perfect for Diving Water Sports.


The most convenient and safe underwater snorkeling jet propulsion water craft ever built.

Explore new underwater ventures with this new underwater jet scuba diving scooter.

Allow this motorized underwater scooter to take you to places never seen before. The great benefit is that it is handheld and super easy to maneuver.